Electronic Arts

Juggling Lee – DeluxePaint Demo Animation

A short, looped animation of juggling and skating Lee Taran.

Like many of the creative talents who have worked with Electronic Arts, Lee's entry into big-time programming began innocently enough with the Amiga. It's a familiar story: The Amiga was released, it was neat, it was fun, it had color, and suddenly – note the slightly crazed look of excitement typical in these cases – «I've got to program this thing!» Lee was hooked. Her belief that high quality artwork can be created with a computer has resulted in the development of DeluxePaint IV. And she won't stop there.

DPaint's creator is legendary Dan Silva. By the time Dan joined Electronic Arts in 1983, he had already worked with computers and computer graphics for twenty years at Informatics a contractor to the NASA Ames laboratory, Xerox, and Lucasfilm. As important as his achievements was the fact that his work helped him form a clear idea of how the ideal paint programm should behave. With this in mind, he started at EA work on Prism, a paint program that was to be an in-house tool for software development. Amiga's advanced graphics capabilities spurred Electronic Arts to rewrite Prism and release it as DeluxePaint for the Amiga in November, 1985. It was an instant success, achieving greater than 50% market penetration among all Amiga owners. Dan started improving DeluxePaint almost immediately, and the result was DeluxePaint II (1986), the best paint program available for the Amiga at that time. And as a fine program as it was, Dan still wasn't satisfied. He could paint, but the paintings didn't move. Dan's lifelong fascination with animation became the driving force of the best-selling DeluxePaint III. Dan has moved to other projects but his mission to create the best graphic tools for the Amiga lives on in the code of DeluxePaint.

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