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Star Flight - DeluxePaint Demo Image, an Amiga Image by Electronic Arts

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Star Flight – DeluxePaint Demo Image

The image was inspired by an early Ron Cobb design for the Nostromo ship's bridge. The USCSS Nostromo is a starship from the 1979 motion picture 'Alien'. The name is taken from the eponymous hero of the 1904 novel by Joseph Conrad.

Commercial Towing Vessel Nostromo, an M-Class starfreighter property of the Weyland-Yutani Corporation, is a tug, a towing vessel, hauling an enormous (some 1.5 miles in length) ore refinery and 20 million tons of raw ore, weighing many times the mass of the Nostromo. The ship itself is still substantial, over 60,000 metric tons and almost 245 metres (800 feet) long, including three decks, four holds, stores, engines, and lots of pipes and ducts; its escape ship is called Narcissus. The ship is fitted with a self-destruct system and separates itself from the ore refinery platform via an umibical detachment system. The interior features a large 'space jockey' cockpit for all crew piloting functions, a medical bay, dining area, central computer room, engineering areas, a hypersleep chamber and a labyrinthine network of connecting corridors.

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