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The ST Juggler (512k Version)

Tri-Vision presents: THE ST JUGGLER, 512k Version ... a Terminator/Dr Smith Production

This is the first official release from Tri-Vision, which is an association of three Atari computer users who like to do interesting things.

This demo was originally created in 4096 colors on the Commodore Amiga using ray-tracing software. Then we got ahold of it ... and now bring it to you in a whopping 16 colors with little noticeable loss!

«It may not be 4096 colors but at least it's an Atari!»

On behalf of Tri-Vision, Highlander (Martin Doudoroff) CIS#76656,233

Tri-Vision is: Terminator, Dr Smith, & Highlander.

(Tri-Vision, Martin Doudoroff)

This 512k version has 4 frames less then the original Amiga demo. While running the Atari ST demo, logos can be toggled on and off with the TAB key.

Eric Graham's legendary Amiga demo The Juggler shows a robot juggling three mirror balls. The Amiga demo was one of the earliest full-color 3D raytraced animations rendered and displayed on a personal computer. When released in 1986 no other stock personal computer could have run anything like it. The frames were encoded in the Amiga's HAM (Hold-And-Modify) display mode which uses a highly unusual technique to express the color of pixles. This allowed to display up to 4'096 colors on screen which is much more than otherwise would be possible.

© Walter Randelshofer. All rights reserved. Animations used under permission.